The SmartLogistics solution is an integrated web and mobile platform that supports pre-ordering, pre-payment and
management of product stocks. The solution is aimed at ensuring seamless product ordering, payment & management of stocks by both suppliers and retailers, reducing on wastage caused by uncoordinated transport, product stock-outs, expired or dead stock.

The key benefits of the platform include:

Cost Management
Cost efficiency will be achieved through reduction of logistical overheads associated with transportation,
storage of slow moving goods or expired products.

High Revenue
As a result of the pull system, both the distributor and the retailer will benefit from stocking Fast Moving Consumer
Goods, which translates to more sales and more profit. Through elimination of stock-outs and dead/expired stock,
more sales can be done.

Competitive Intelligence
With a single repository database for client transaction  management, data analysis can reveal trends that can
be used to tweak and/or build customer centric products

Transaction Security
By integration of mobile payment system, physical cash transactions, which are risky, will be eliminated. Further,
by use of a delivery token code  during product delivery, losses and theft during transit will be eliminated

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